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Our core values embrace the welfare of all beings and the planet above mere profit and expansion. In every decision we make, we prioritize benefits to the environment and the communities we engage with, understanding that the true impact of our actions extends far beyond immediate gains. We are committed to vegan principles and minimalism, recognizing that ethical treatment of animals and conscientious consumption are crucial in ensuring that our success does not come at the expense of our planet and its inhabitants. Our mission is to lead by example, showing that a successful and sustainable business can thrive without compromising the health of the Earth or the well-being of its diverse life forms.

What we are passionate about 

/. Manufacture cosmetic refills for refillable applicators, with the aim of reducing current single-use products on the cosmetic market.

//. Promote a circular economy and manufacture products from natural and local upcycled ingredients.


How we chose to do

/V. By creating ecological and vegan products, adopting, when possible, natural ingredients from local and upcycling sources. All in a way to help reduce waste and regenerate our planet.

V. Sharing our experience providing services to organizations, companies, and families about future subjects of having an eco-responsible attitude.

V/. Collaborating with brands, and institutions to find solutions to reduce the human impact on the environment.


Why we do that

For more imperfect vegans, zero wasters, and human beings!

We believe it is possible to decrease our impact on the planet. We help everyone to "do their part" by transforming the zero-waste, veganism, and minimalism approach into pleasure.

Our projects, our products

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